Dust Control - MG30

Benefits of MG30

for Dust Control Application

  • Increases visibility on dirt roads by reducing the number of fine dust particles that are dislodged
  • Largely reduces the number of fine dust particles that get blown into adjacent homes and create respiratory complications
  • Lessen the amount of fine dust particles that get blown into adjacent environmental areas, such as bodies of water
  • Conveniently balances easy application and effective results with low cost
  • Proven to reduce gravel loss by up to 40%, which reduces your re-graveling costs and overall maintenance costs
  • Treated road surfaces can still be bladed without substantial product loss
  • Results in a hardened road surface and stronger base to reduce road surface problems and maintenance costs
  • Reduces frost heaving caused by the freeze-thaw cycle and lessens spring and fall maintenance costs
  • Product is not palatable to wildlife and helps keep wildlife away from treated road surfaces

MG30 Environmental Impact

  • At MG30, we care about protecting the environment and reducing our environmental impact. All product is kept at a safe concentration level that is gentle on the environment and has been Proven by Alberta Transportation to be non-hazardous and does not require any placarding during transportation.

Quantity needed

  • How to Calculate Quantity Required ?
How to Calculate Quantity Required ?

To achieve the most effective range of application and enjoy the most benefits of dust control, we recommend a quantity between 1.5 litres and 2 litres per square inch, at a depth of 2 inches. This can easily be calculated in 2 simple steps.

Step 1: Find the surface area of your roadway in m2 (length x width)

Length of Roadway (m) Width of Roadway (m)
5m 7m 10m
100m (0.1km) 500m2 700m2 1,000m2
200m (0.2km) 1,000m2 1,400m2 2,000m2
500m (0.5km) 2,500m2 3,500m2 5,000m2
1,000m (1.0km) 5,000m2 7,000m2 10,000m2

Step 2: Calculate the amount of product needed (area x application rate)

Application Rate (litres per m2) Area of Road Surface (m2)
500m2 2,500m2 10,000m2
1.5 litres/m2 750 litres 3,750 litres 15,000 litres
1.7 litres/m2 850 litres 4,250 litres 17,000 litres
2.0 litres/m2 1,000 litres 5,000 litres 20,000 litres


  • Will I need to add additional aggregate to my road’s surface?
Will I need to add additional aggregate to my road’s surface?

New aggregate is not necessary if the surface material can be bladed to a depth of 1.5 – 2 inches.

However, gravel separates overtime due to heavy vehicle traffic poundings, environmental factors, and aggregate loss. Fresh aggregate would ensure that the proper mix of rock, clay, and fines are present in the material mix and is recommended for optimal application benefits.

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