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About Us

Kortech Calcium Services is a leader in road stabilization products in Canada. Our proprietary product, MG30, and our application process have been developed in house and refined to provide quality results every time.

Canadian Owned

Calcium Incorporated and it’s affiliated divisions, Kortech Calcium Services and Ward Chemical, are proud to be family owned and 100% Canadian, based out of Edmonton, AB.

Easy Application

MG30 is easily applied to roadways using spray trucks, graders, rollers, and diggers. Distributed by Kortech Calcium Services, we can safely transport MG30 directly to your work site.

Cost Efficient

MG30 is an excellent alternative to pavement. Not only does it protect from the freeze-thaw cycle, but it also reduces costs by up to 85% compared to paving.

Don’t just take our word for it.
We back up our claims with data.