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As a part of Calcium Incorporated, we are committed to the manufacturing and delivery of reliable and top-quality road stabilization products.


Quality Driven

MG30 is a product widely used by Kortech Calcium Services for base stabilization and dust control on roads.


Superior Supply

Our Calling Lake well site and Villeneuve upgrader have the combined capacity to produce over 1.2 million liters of brine every day, with a storage capacity of 8 million liters, in order to meet the season demands of our clients.



At Kortech Calcium Services, we are dedicated to providing a reliable supply of high-grade, naturally occurring Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Brine to all our customers.


Versatile Use

MG30 has a variety of different uses, most commonly, road base stabilization and dust control.


Committed To Delivering

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Dust Control- Less dust translates to increased safety due to better visibility along with reducing the risk of health and respiratory problems on adjacent properties caused by the fine particles drifting from the road towards the properties.
Base Stabilization – MG30 binds the particles in the road surface, creating a higher compaction level and hardening it to reduce rutting from heavy traffic versus untreated surfaces.


MG30 – The Leading Road
Stabilization Product In Canada

Important note
MG30 has been Proven by Alberta Transportation
MG30 has been on Alberta Transportation’s Proven Products list as a proprietary dust abatement product since 2015.

About MG30

Whether your need is road dust control, base stabilization, road construction or any of the other applications of this versatile product, MG30 delivers.

  • MG30 Applications
  • MG30 Benefits
  • MG30 Properties
MG30 Applications

MG30 is a proprietary mixed brine that was designed for roadways with little to no clay in the aggregate, and has many additional applications, such as dust abatement, base stabilization, and aggregate loss prevention.

MG30 Benefits

With the use of MG30, roads develop stronger bases and have reduced aggregate loss, up to 42%, when compared to untreated roads. MG30 is making waves in cost reduction, lessening environmental impact while improving performance, quality and reliability.

MG30 Properties

MG30 is a unique blend containing Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Hydroxide. This proprietary formula was developed in house through a collaborated effort from the Calcium Incorporated group of companies.


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